Tribute to Dartmoor Preservation Association

The Dartmoor Preservation Association is a famous charity organisation that works to protect the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Dartmoor, south Devon, England.

Dartmoor Preservation Association, Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor is an area of moorland in south Devon, protected by National Park status. Dartmoor’s natural environment is special and makes a major contribution to national and regional character. Our objective is to conserve and enhance Dartmoor’s natural environment - including the landscape biodiversity, geology and soils, natural resources, cultural heritage and other features of the built and natural environment.

The Dartmoor environment is a provider of a wide range of environmental services, including clean water and air, healthy food, recreation and inspiration. However, in many parts of the map the natural environment is in poor condition, reducing the quality of these environmental services.

Ensuring that future generations can enjoy Dartmoor’s rich geology, landscapes and biodiversity means that we must significantly improve the protection and management of what we have today. Improving the condition of the natural environment is required to ensure that everyone benefits from the services it provides.

 We would like to thank all at Writtle and tcm(r&d) for their hard work and support through the applicaiton process and every success in the completion of what will be a most interesting project over the next 2-3 years.

With over 450 miles (730km) of public rights of way, there is an abundance of walking routes to suit all tastes and abilities. Dartmoor also boasts a variety of cycle routes, both on and off road, making it as challenging as you want it. It is also home to Dartmoor Zoo.

Go to Dartmoor Preservation Association website for latest news.

A public debate about Dartmoor's archaeological heritage and its conservation is being staged later this month.

OKEHAMPTON TODAY | NEWS | Dartmoor branch of fine arts group to be set up | 2011

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Striding out on a Plough fundraiser
THE SOLITUDE, the isolation, the bleakness, those notoriously eerie blankets of mists – none of these seem to put Ann Widdecombe off her retirement hidey-hole on Dartmoor.

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Dartmoor duo off to Games
SOUTH Dartmoor College did the double at the Super 6 Athletics competition they hosted before the half-term break.

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