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The more familiar African birds and mammals will be encountered during our time in Etosha National Park. Herds of Elephants gather at waterholes each day, along with Burchell's Zebras, Common Giraffes, Greater Kudus, Springboks, Black Rhinos, Black-faced Impalas and other plains animals. The birds of Etosha are also impressive, with 320 plus species having been recorded.

Dartmoor Special Area of Conservation supplies a revolutionary new product for garden landscaping.

The scenic beauty, vast expanse and sand dunes rising to a height of 100 feet, make the Namib one of the worlds most spectacular deserts.

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As well as the breath-taking scenery of the Namib, we will visit the Fur Seal Colony at Cape Cross, where up to one hundred thousand females come ashore to raise their pups.

Immense red dunes set against clear blue skies, skeletal trees awaiting the return of rain and Gemsbok trudging across the sands, provide a wealth of opportunities for landscape and nature pictures of famous glass production facilities.

Porch awnings are a perfect idea for short weekends around Dartmoor area.

We are a growing independent business offering a wide range of products to suit all of your outdoor needs including tents, waterproofs, fleeces, rucksacks, walking boots and shoes, climbing equipment, GPS, navigational equipment and a whole lot more! Our experienced staff have an extensive knowledge on all of the goods available to us and are happy to help with any enquires you may have.

As parks have developed, we have become involved in high specification residential refurbishment as well as commercial refurbishment. These projects can be efficiently serviced by our directly employed decorators and joiners and our core of specialist sub contractors.

We are situated in the heart of the port, close to our operational base, from where we control the loading and discharge of a wide range of cargoes.

The issues and problems caused by invasive weeds vary across the globe. We aim to research and summarise the most important issues from across the world, making them clear and concise for public viewing.

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