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For biking, hiking and just enjoying the great outdoors, Dartmoor is perfect. Get on the moor and marvel at the Dartmoor ponies, the zoo, little Dartmoor villages and castles tucked away, culture, tradition and a renowned community spirit. Relax in a Dartmoor pub, guesthouse or B&B, boutique hotel, or one of the wonderful campsites. Dartmoor is ever changing.

Black-a-Tor Copse, near Meldon on the map, is one of three small, relict ‘wildwoods’ on Dartmoor (the others being Wistman’s Wood and Piles Copse). Natural England, who leases the wood from the Duchy of Cornwall, has long been concerned about the absence of young seedlings and saplings from this important upland oak wood. At the same time, a group of oak trees in the middle of the wood died, victims of naturally occurring honey fungus.

Action was clearly needed to help the oaks, and the abundant acorns following the excellent mast year of 2006 was the catalyst.

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